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Marvel Mfg. Co. was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1904. The company was started by two families, the Armstrongs and the Blums, and was originally incorporated as Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co. The Blums had been granted several patents and needed manufacturing space. The Armstrongs rented them space in their factory on Francisco Avenue in Chicago which led to a partnership and the beginning a new jointly owned company. The company adopted the trade name MARVEL, which has been in continuous use since 1905. Click here to link to the Marvel Web site.

Max Tool currently stocks many models of Marvel saws. Email or call us today at 800-783-6298 to confirm our stock quantities, pricing, and to place your order. Because of the weight of these products, they can only be shipped by truck, and because of the costs, orders cannot be entered through this Web site. Here are the saws we currently stock:

Product CodeImageDescriptionCapacityIn StockSales Price
MARVEL PA360EPC Marvel PA 360EPC HD Metal Bandsaw 14" round (360 mm)
14"x 14" rectangle
1 $32,500.00
MARVEL S330/2-HV Marvel Hercules S330/2-HV Capacity @ 90°: 12" x 18" Rectangle, 13" Round
Capacity @ 45°:11" X 12" Rectangle, 13" Round.
Capacity @ 60°: 11" x 8" Rectangle, 9.5" Round.
1 $13,750.00
18” (457 mm) Horizontal
22” (560 mm) Vertical

Blade at 45°:
18” (457 mm) Horizontal
12.75” (324 mm) Vertical;
3 $22,725.00
MA 8-MARK-III 8-MARK-III BAND SAW MACHINE with Power Column Tilt Capacity @ 90°: 18in (457 mm) Horiz., 22in (558 mm) Vert.
Capacity @ 45°Right: 18in (457 mm) Horiz., 14.5in (368 mm) Vert.
Capacity @ 60° Right: 18in (457 mm) Horiz., 9.7in (246 mm) Vert.
2 $31,125.00
MARVEL PA260EPC Marvel PA260EPC 12" Wide x 10.25" High(310mm x260mm)
10.25" Round (260mm)
Table Height: 27"
0 $28,950.00