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Since 1985, Harvey Tool Company has been providing specialty carbide end mills and cutting tools to the metalworking industry. We are recognized as a leader in our offerings because of unsurpassed technical expertise and engineering know-how.

At Harvey Tool, the focus is on identifying and providing unique end mill and cutting tool products for specialty machining needs. Every catalog item is stocked. Over 60% of Harvey tools are typically unavailable anywhere else on the market. Unique product offerings allow customers to purchase specialty tools "off the shelf" with same-day shipping, eliminating long and costly lead time for our customers. Harvey Tool develops product specifications through careful study and selection of tool geometries that optimize cutting performance for a given material and application. Harvey recognizes that great product quality and consistency starts with finding great quality blanks with the right grade of carbide for the targeted product and application. Such blanks are often found closer to the source of tungsten and carbide ore, which is typically outside the USA. 98% of Harvey tools are CNC ground in the USA using high precision grinding machines and proven manufacturing methods. All of these measures help ensure batch-to-batch consistency and adherence to strict tolerance standards. For more demanding product applications, advanced coatings are applied to maximize performance and tool life. The result is one of the broadest, deepest and most reliably performing selections of small diameter and specialty cutting tools available in the market. Click here to link to the Harvey Tool Web site.

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Product Offering:
We can supply all Harvey Tool products.
Shipping: Harvey Tool products drop-ship from their warehouse in Rowley, Massachusettes, straight to our customers. In-stock orders placed before 3:00pm CST ship same day, otherwise next day.
Discounts: Our best prices are listed on the Web site. No additional discounts are available under any conditions.
Backorders: On UPS Red or Blue orders, if the item is temporarily out of stock, we will attempt to contact you as soon as we are confirmed (usually same day, at worst the following day) to give you the option of waiting, substituting, or canceling. On UPS Ground orders, if the item cannot be shipped within a week, we will email you promptly with those options.
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Web site:
We can supply any item offered in the Harvey Tool product line, and most USA standard stock items are listed on the Web site. Contact us for price and availability on items not listed.