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Grade Name: KC9125
Insert Material: CARBIDE - CVD COATED
ISO Range: P25
ANSI Range: C5-C6
Coating Description: Multilayer Al2O3+TiCN
Grade Description: 'Provides added edge toughness over KC9110 while maintaining deformation resistance. Permits higher feed rates and increased security for varied depth and interruped cuts. Permits higher machining speeds at greater metal removal rates. Reduces the possibility of insert breakage providing added security and reliability. The fine-grain Alpha Al2O3 coating prevents crater wear at elevated cutting speeds. (Stable at high temperatures) The thick K-TiCN layer is designed to control flank wear. Higher operating speeds with longer tool life and better work piece finishes resulting in shorter machine cycle times. Assures consistent part processing and dimensional control. Newly developed coating technology greatly improves the bond between coating layers, permitting thicker and tougher coating layers. Thicker secure coatings offer longer, more predictable tool life. Providing for reliable consistent part processing over extended runs. Longer tool life with better part finishes. Broader application range, especially in wet interrupted cutting operations. Excellent for gummy materials. (low carbon steels) A specially designed pre-coat treatment improves the bond of innermost coating layers to the substrate, allowing for superior adhesion. This process minimizes coating flaking from the substrate, resulting in longer tool life and greater operational security.'